Eye Exerciser ( Eyesight Recovery Apparatus) / Personal Scope- EX

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Patented binocular-type ocular exercise device

Developed through more than 36 years of ocular exercise expertise
  • Invention Patent #0359001
  • Invention Patent #1179810
  • Invention Patent #1944799
  • Utility Model Registration #074335
  • All in one (all kinds of eye exercise)
  • easy to use, comfortable to use,
  • Kids, Adult, Elder, Family can exercise with only 1 device
  • making the most of natural of eyes
Best for who has/is
  • shortsighted
  • glasses or contact lens
  • eye fatigue
  • smartphone/video or computer game addicts
  • desk workers with monitors
  • dry eye
  • difficulty on reading newspaper
  • low eyesight(vision) which decline rapidly
  • concerning Lasik or Lasek

The eyesight(vision) can be improved or maintained even though someone who has worn spectacles for shortsighted or far-sighted or squint or presbyopia or Amblyopia

This eye exerciser is programmed 5 minutes for automatically training the muscle of eyes
You can remove your glasses or contact!!(If you use it very often and regularly)

Eyes are moved with muscles. Therefore, eye muscles also require exercising. However, it is difficult for us move some muscles on our own, which makes it more difficult to train and exercise them on our own. While the muscles we use often are well-developed, the other muscles that we do not use often may begin to degenerate. This phenomenon is called losing eyesight.
Reverse use of this phenomenon can also improve vision.
Therefore, it provides a complex eye exercise program to maintain and improve vision.

  • Focal exercises with binocular fusion testing card and monocular independent images
  • Eyeball Training Mechanism according to the fusion of both eyes and monocular independency.
  • Training Mechanism of ciliary muscle (accommodation muscle of crystalline lens), external ocular muscle (rectus muscle and oblique muscle outside of eyeball) by adjusting teres muscle
  • Training Mechanism of iris by adjustable the brightness function.
  • Chiropractic vibration function for acupoints

This eye exerciser has been developed to make the most of the natural eyes’ functions and to offer complex eye exercises that can help anyone related problems for eye except medical disease

IZON Structure and Specifications

Size 18 X 16 X 5.7
Weight 370g
Color Body: Gray / Silicone: Dark gray
Material ABS, silicone
Battery 3 AA batteries / 6V DC adapter

Set Components

Personal scope-EX


self-eye test chart

lens cleaning cloth

User manuals book

Binocular fusion test card

3 batteries

How to Use the Eye Exercises Device

  • Place the neckband of the eye exercises device around your neck, put the band around your head, and adjust it to fit the size of your head. Grab the device with both hands and turn the switch ON. (band should not be too tight)
  • When the eye exercises device starts vibrating and massaging the area around your eyes, gently close your eyes, relieve fatigue, and prepare for eye exercises (1 minute).
  • When the massage ends and the shutters open, the eye exercises will begin.
  • When the shutters open, look forward comfortably like you are looking at something in the distance. When the shutter closes, perform the eye exercises while following the LED lights (8 exercise programs).
  • When vibrate again for cool-down, gently close your eyes and let the exerciser gently massage the area around your eyes (1 minute). A small alarm will go off as the device stops.
  • It is best to use the exercise device for 2-3 times continuously in one using. However, using the device 4 times continuously or more in once may cause eye fatigue. Therefore, it is better to use it often throughout the day than too much in once.
  • If you take the slide out and insert the binocular fusion testing card (once a month or once 2 month), you can check whether binocular fusion has been trained.

Binocular Fusion Testing Card

With this testing card, you can measure a focus of binocular fusion by seeing whether the left picture does not merge with the right one, or whether either picture does not come into your line of vision.

  • This card is designed to check whether binocular fusion (focus) has been established
  • Even those with diplopia due to strabismus (squint) or anisometropia (severe vision discrepancy between both eyes) use this card only once a month or once 2 months to see if there has been any improvement.
  • People not listed above do not use this card, but use only the device frequently.
  • Depending on the user’s eye condition, the card picture may not look like (B).

※ Precautions

IZON’s eye exercise device is not a medical device.
Be sure to consult with your ophthalmologist for various eye diseases handled by ophthalmology.

  • If 1 of the 3 batteries does not have enough, the exercise device may not work properly.
  • Do not tighten the head band too much. Instead, adjust it fittingly and grab the exerciser by both hands for use.
  • Do not turn the switch ON and OFF too frequently. (Doing so may reduce the exercise device’s life cycle or prevent it from working properly.)
  • If 1 exercise device is used by all of your family members, make sure to clean the silicone before use for better hygiene.
  • The circuit may become damaged if the device comes into contact with any beverages or foreign substances.